Working with elements: finishing

  • Skimming

    Walls made of Silka elements can be finished with skimming or nozzling, either by hand or mechanically. The total plaster thickness when applying a plaster nozzle is, in practice, around 2 millimetres.

    • Beforehand, flatten any uneven joint connections and remove possible damage with a suitable filler.
    • Then, plaster according to the instructions provided by the supplier.
    • Some finishing materials have a larger filling capacity. This makes it possible to finish in two layers, without needing to flatten them out first. Consult the supplier first.
  • Tile work

    • Flatten out the wall with a cement-bound product.
    • Apply the tiles immediately with a cement or plastic-based tile adhesive and according to the instructions of the supplier.
    • Advice: do not apply tiles to a plaster wall finish; this often leads to damage.

Want to know more?

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