Products & systems

Xella wants to help you work as fast and efficiently as possible. Large building materials such as Silka elements, Ytong separation panels and Hebel panels allow you to construct several metres at a time. Xella offers assistance during the design stage. Based on your final architectural drawings Xella will prepare wall drawings and deliver building materials to the construction site made to measure eliminating cutting on site.

Silka fast track system
Silka small block systems
Ytong building blocks
Ytong thin joint system
Ytong partition wall panels
Ytong modular wall panel system 
Hebel fire-proof walls

Xella Blue Sprint

Xella’s digital service contributes to the efficiency of the building. This means that Xella is a partner who anticipates the needs of its clients even during the design phase. Not only the Silka fast-track system, but also all other Xella systems such as Ytong partition walls or Multipor insulation boards for garage ceilings, integrate optimally in every BIM project.  This knowledge and service enables mistakes to be avoided, working hours on site to be reduced, and digital logistics monitoring, etc.

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