Building with Xella: fast and efficiently with building materials

Xella wants to help you work as fast and efficiently as possible. Large building materials such as Silka elements.Ytong separation panels and Hebel panels allow you to construct several metres at a time. But Xella also offers considerable added value in the preparation stage, for example by doing your calculation and drawings for you and delivering building materials to the construction site already sorted and made to measure. This saves you time, work and waste!


Made to measure building with Silka elements
With Silka elements you can realise almost three times as many square metres per day as with alternative construction methods. Advantages of calcium silicate are, among others, good sound insulation (due to a high volume weight /mass), substantial heat accumulation ability, considerable load-bearing capacity and high fire resistance.


Extensive service package
Included in the price is Xella’s extensive service package, comprising all preparatory calculations and drawing work, the use of tools and the necessary support provided at the construction site.


Tailoring is the standard with Ytong separation panels
Ytong separation panels also give you logistical advantages. Xella supplies the exact number of panels you need, with exactly the right height. All you need to do is cut the end pieces to measure, in which the remaining part of one wall is used as the beginning of the next. This leaves you with hardly any waste at all. In addition, the panels can already be delivered and assembled in the early construction phase. This makes building much more efficient, since there is no need to wait for the finished  floors to be poured first.