World first: Ytong Block with U-value of 0.11

Well received in Denmark
The new Ytong block is already being well received in Denmark. Because it has a number of advantages to offer: Firsly tthe higher demands on the energy efficiency of residential buildings can be very easily met with this product. The Ytong Energy+ block is a purely mineral product. It achieves its high thermal insulation with an equivalent lambda value of 0.06 W/(mK) The Block is a  combination of two layers of autoclaved aerated concrete and a core of highly heat-insulating Ytong Multipor. The total of three layers are made in a single production process and bonded into a homogeneous material by a special process in steam pressure boilers (autoclaves). The Ytong Block 0.06 hence has the same positive ecological and building physics properties as all Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete products.
On the other hand the combination of various functional layers of Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete with its particularly high compressive strength and the highly heat-insulating Ytong Multipor mineral insulation board opens up new dimensions in the construction of multi-storey residential buildings when it comes to producing masonry for high structural stresses with a simultaneous high thermal insulation. After all, the reduction of the thermal conductivity is not simultaneously associated with a reduction of the load-bearing capacity of masonry from autoclaved aerated concrete.
Nor should the handling advantages be forgotten. The heat-insulating functional layer of Ytong means that the Ytong Block 0.06 can be handled quickly, easily and safely. The thermal insulation and masonry are produced at the same time in a single stage of work. Compared to conventional masonry designs where an external thermal insulation composite system is applied in a separate stage of work, this means significant savings in time and money. This in turn minimises the risk of constructive and energetic weak spots. Furthermore, later follow-up costs for the care and maintenance of external thermal insulation composite systems do not have to be calculated.
With the innovative Ytong Energy+ Block  Xella  demonstrates its innovative strength and show just what is possible at present in the field of low-energy building.