Within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which replaces the Construction Product Regulation Directive (CPD), all products used in construction and falling under a European harmonised standard must have a CE marking. This applies to all Member States of the European Economic Area (EEA). If these products do not have a CE marking, then they may not be traded or applied within the EEA. The CPR has a direct effect and - unlike the CPD - is not subject to the various interpretations of the Member States. Moreover, the Declaration of Performance (DoP) is a key element. The CPR requires that the CE marking for construction products is uniquely linked to a so-called Declaration of Performance (DoP) when the products are marketed and distributed.

Upon delivery of the product you will be handed a delivery note containing the DoP number, Identification number and CE marking. The valid accompanying documents can be obtained via Further information on the DoP procedure can also be obtained from our special leaflet.