Silka fast track system

The economic building solution for large, solid walls

Silka Calcium silicate elements are particularly suitable for medium to large-scale developments such as care homes, student accommodation, hotels, apartments, schools, etc. Projects should ideally have a large number of loadbearing walls and ideally on each floor the wall design is repeated.

The Silka building systems is applied for partition walls between apartments, load-bearing and non-load-bearing inner walls and inner leafs of cavity walls.

Due to the large dimensions, working with these elements contributes to fast building, reducing the build programme and therefore cost effective. The elements have a high compressive strength and density offering excellent acoustic properties.

Simple processing technique

The Silka wall elements are mechanically processed using an element stacker and supporting equipment. This method of building is flexible, fast, work-friendly, requires little preparation, and produces less waste than its alternatives. Expensive investments in materials, such as concrete formwork and heavy building cranes, aren’t needed.

Xella provides the Silkafix thin bed mortar used to join the elements together and the kicker course blocks that are used at the base of the walls to level out the unevenness of the floors.

Building prefab means building ‘just-in-time’ and fast. Silka wall elements are made to measure, can be delivered on demand and offer a quick, clean installation with minimal waste. The resulting cost and time savings are considerable.


  • Compressive strength
    Calcium silicate is a heavy and solid material. The Silka elements have a density of 1800 kg/m³ which makes them particularly suitable for load-bearing applications.  This material enables up to 10 floors to be constructed without a separate load-bearing structure. The normalised compressive strength is 20N/mm².
  • Noise insulating
    Thanks to the high density of calcium silicate, walls made of Silka elements have a high acoustic insulation capacity. That is why the fast track system is often used to build large-scale residential projects and care homes, where people live close to each other and silence is highly appreciated. 
  • Heat accumulating capacity
    Calcium silicate absorbs the heat in a room and releases it again when the room cools down. This means that outside temperatures only affect inside temperatures after a certain amount of time. Because of this, rooms are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
    It goes without saying that this also leads to energy savings.
  • Sustainable
    Sustainability manifests itself in a variety of ways. Silka calcium silicate is sustainable because it is manufactured from natural raw materials using an environmentally friendly production process reducing the amount of energy used to produce the Silka elements. The construction method is efficient and rapid, and the delivery of cut- to- size blocks reduces wastage on site. The high quality Silka elements give buildings a longer lifespan.
  • Incombustible and fire-resistant
    Silka calcium silicate is incombustible. Depending on the thickness of the wall, Silka walls are able to withstand a fire for longer than 360 minutes. The material retains its characteristics and does not deform.
  • Perfect match with Ytong inner walls
    The Silka element system lends itself perfectly to be used with the Ytong partition wall panels. The floor to ceiling -height Ytong partition wall panels are installed during the structural phase. This Xella construction solution is beneficial to the site.

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