Silka small block systems

Xella’s Silka small blocks are environmentally-friendly, sound-insulating, load-bearing, and sustainable. These properties enable project developers, architects, building owners and contractors to build in an efficient and contemporary manner. In addition to the large formats (elements), the Silka range has a series of smaller blocks that each offer their own advantages.

Small formats for convenient and flexible working

Opting for Silka blocks in smaller formats makes it possible to combine the many characteristic benefits of calcium silicate (load-bearing capacity, sustainability, acoustic insulation, fire resistance, thermal inertia, etc.) with flexibility of working. The blocks can be profitably deployed in smaller to medium-sized projects, where it is not possible to work with large formats (crane work).

  • Silka thin bed mortar blocks - full (LB)

The building system for urban projects. 
Silka blocks are solid and particularly suitable for constructing load-bearing walls with exceptional acoustic insulation. Take for example the numerous renovation and urban development projects involving terraced houses. It is best to duplicate the separating walls to create an optimum acoustic buffer. By bonding them both horizontally and vertically, Silka external walls easily meet the requirements for air-tightness and fire resistance.


  • Silka chamfered blocks – light (VB)

The aesthetic building system – load-bearing and non-load-bearing.
Silka chamfered blocks always provide an attractive result with their bevelled chamfered edges, along both sides of the wall. Once constructed, the walls can be easily painted without the need for pointing. Since Silka provides acoustic insulation and has exceptional heat storage, the blocks can be found almost everywhere, such as in offices, schools, exhibition areas, sports halls, care facilities, garages, basements, etc. 
Silka chamfered blocks have the great advantage that the well defined pattern of holes allows pipes and wiring to pass through them, reducing chasing to a minimum. 


  • Silka thin bed mortar blocks - light (LBL)

The building system for walls without the need for cutting
This light and ergonomic variant of the full Silka thin bed mortar blocks is easy to work with and excels in terms of its load-bearing capacity (compression strength 15 N/mm²), acoustics and heat storage. It has a specific hole pattern, that eliminates the need to chase and refill. The bonded walls are finished with thin plaster or are tiled.