Ytong building blocks

Ytong blocks are available in different sizes and densities. The range presents blocks that can be used for the internal and external leaf of cavity walls, for beam and block flooring systems, for solid walls, for flanking and party walls, and for foundations.

The blocks can be laid in general purpose mortar or thin joint mortar. Mortars for use with Ytong blocks should be as described in BS EN 998-2 Specifications for Mortar for Masonry.

Specification of general purpose mortar

When specifying general purpose mortar, the following details of the project should be taken into account:

  • the type of masonry unit to be used  
  • the structural requirements
  • the degree of exposure of the site
  • the level of workability required the location of the masonry, i.e. above or below, ground level

When selecting a suitable mortar specification, it is important to ensure that the composition is compatible in strength with the blocks selected for the project.