Ytong thin joint system

The dimensional accuracy of Ytong blocks make them ideal for use with thin joint mortar.

Thin joint construction is a recognised method of building masonry walls which replaces a conventional 10 mm cement-sand mortar joints with a 2-3 millimetre joint. Thin joint has been used in Europe for more than 40 years and is now growing in popularity in the UK due to the availability of aircrete blocks which are manufactured to the exact tolerances required such as the Ytong blocks. Furthermore due to both stricter building and environmental  regulations the benefits of this quick, easy and highly effective building method will become more and more apparent. Buildings constructed using thin joint make it possible to optimise the thermal performance of a building and minimise the CO2 emissions over the building’s entire lifespan. To help achieve all of these benefits the dimensional accuracy of the blocks is extremely important. All Ytong blocks are produced with upmost care for dimensional accuracy and are therefore suitable for thin joint construction.