Multipor products


A well-insulated construction is extremely important, both in budget and environmental terms. Also, there are strict building regulations in view of the governmental codes for sustainable homes. The thermal insulation must guarantee low energy consumption of the building in the future. Xella offers intelligent answers for wall construction. When excellent thermal insulation is needed Xella offers Multipor. Multipor insulation panels have a thermal insulation value that competes with traditional insulation material (λUi=0,045 W/mK). The main difference resides in the fact that Multipor is a very light aereated concrete, and therefore non-combustable, robust, water vapour permeable and fibre free.

More information on the various Multipor insulation applications such as: interior, exterior, garage/basement and roofing can be found below.

interior insulation
exterior insulation
garage/basement insulation
roofing insulation